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Dr. Abdulhamid Sayed Issa Specialist in orthopedic surgery, holder of the Syrian Board Certificate from the Syrian Ministry of Health in 2012 Browse the latest articles   An overview of his biography

locally or internationally

Internationally approved methods and techniques in open surgery and arthroscopic surgery.

We provide the best service for both our patients

The latest techniques of conservative and interventional minor and major in the treatment of patients with muscular skeleton.


Years of experience and scientific research

A journey towards a maximum health care.

We maintain high quality to shorten the search for effective medicine. In order to alleviate your pain and achieve an integrated treatment journey.

Specialist in orthopedic surgery

About A. Sayed Issa

Dr. Abdulhamid Sayed Issa, Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery. He holds (Syrian Board Certificate from the Syrian Ministry of Health in 2012), a practicing doctor since (2003), a lecturer at (Faculty of Medicine, Aleppo University 2009-2012), he has international research and articles in:

Carpal Tunnel Release through Mini Transverse Approach (CTRMTA)

Sayed Issa's Approach. Registered with the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA

Mini Lateral Shoulder Approach (MLSA)

Second Mini Lateral Shoulder Approach (MLSA) Second Sayed Issa's Approach

The foundations of our medical work

Medicine is
is our humanitarian

Seeking and contributing
to the development
of medicine locally.

Believing in teamwork efforts
locally & internationally.

Raising the level of health and medical and their culture and continuous research.
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journey of success

Our Services

An integrated series of services for patients inside and outside the Syrian country:

Limited traumatic surgical treatments

Dr. AbdulHamid focused his attention on limited traumatic surgical treatments with mini wounds, participated in many of them, and has registered in his name until this moment two surgical patents for two minor interventions.

Trauma and fractures

Specialization in the conservative and surgical treatment of fractures and their healing

Treatment of spinal pain

Treatment of spinal pain with sacral injections without anesthetic procedures

Development of shoulder surgeryshoulder surgery

Using minimally invasive techniques and the use of arthroscopic seeks to develop shoulder surgery.

Full surgical hip and knee resurfacing

Full surgical hip and knee resurfacing

Browse our articles and scientific research

We aspire to raise the level of health and medical and their culture and continuous research.

The best surgeries

The most important surgeries

Our Message

Our medical and professional mission:

Investing our expertise, science, research, and meeting summaries in medical forums, geographically and virtually, and employing them to advance medicine and orthopedic surgery in particular, for the benefit of humanity.

Technological follow-up

Keeping pace with computer-assisted robotic technology and starting to attract it locally

Follow protocols

Following the internationally applied protocols that are tailored to each patient individually,

Relieve patients' pain

Our goal is not only to relieve our patient's pain but also to restore their level of movement.

Are you ready to book your appointment with us?

We offer all kinds of consultations in the clinic, or virtually via the network (Online)

Constant and continuous development

We believe that the journey of science and medicine is renewable and global, That’s why we keep up with the latest medical research, and practical techniques, In order to remain the leading name in the world of orthopedic surgery and provide our patients with the best science today.

Permanent development of the field

Keeping abreast of the latest developments in international orthopedics (using all international technologies in this field)

Privacy and credibility

We adhere to our high professional standards and inform our patients of all medical details about their health with honesty and privacy.

The accurancy of clinical diagnosis and auxiliary investigations is up to 86%
Non-surgical treatment with an efficacy rate up to 80%
Choosing the optimum type of surgery is about 91%
Precision in surgeries over 96%

The best articles

Latest articles

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Orthopedic preventive care

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We offer all kinds of consultations in the clinic, or virtual via the network (Online)

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